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Bijoux Chocolate - Strap-on Blowjob & Nipple Torture Dildo Sucking Nipple Teasing Strap OnBijoux Chocolate - Strap-on Blowjob & Nipple Torture
What a great angle. Bijoux Chocolate fucks the Slave in the mouth and uses his nipples at the same time
Black Mamba - CBT & Face-Sitting Ebony Domination CBT Face-Sitting/Smothering Nipple TeasingBlack Mamba - CBT & Face-Sitting

Ballstretching extreme with Black Mamba !!!   But at the same time she loves to be cruell and plays hard with his nipples and take his breath...

Queen Qandisa - Nipple Torment in Clingfilm Vacuuming Nipple Teasing Nipple Torture Ebony DominationQueen Qandisa - Nipple Torment in Clingfilm

Gorgous Ebony Goddess, Queen Qandisa makes you wish this would be YOU?! 

She seduced her slave until he committed to be wrapped in clingfilm, ...

Helen Bates - The Fetish Slave at the Cross Fetish Fixation Nipple Teasing Nipple Torture Latex Chastity DeviceHelen Bates - The Fetish Slave at the Cross

Helen Bates is back after a couple of years of taking a break. She has a brandnew fetish dungeon in germany and a full rubber outfit, which her slave,...

Fun With Sounds and Nipple Clamps Sounds Nipple Torture Domination/FemDom Nipple Teasing CBTFun With Sounds and Nipple Clamps

On the investigative table, Lady Luciana is using painful nipple  clamps to satisfy her sadistic side.

Then she is using a bondage rope to...

Chastity and whipping in Kiev Chastity Device Whipping Nipple Teasing Nipple TortureChastity and whipping in Kiev

Mistress Marta loves to whipp male Slaves Asses. To be sure that he doesn`t start to be horny with 2 so sexy Ladies, his cock is in a massive...

Mistress Martas Slave Girl Nipple Torture Nipple Teasing Gagged VacuumingMistress Martas Slave Girl

Kinky Mistresses is visiting Mistress Marta in Kiev. The first time in the Ukaraine and KMS is so excited to find  such a nice dungen to...

Mistress Anita Divina Plays with your Nipples Bondage/Restraints Domination/FemDom Nipple Teasing Nipple TortureMistress Anita Divina Plays with your Nipples

Your nipples will remember this day for a long, long time.  Mistress Anita Divina twists, clamps and torments your helpless nipples while you lay...

Nelja - My Slave at the Cross Nipple TeasingNelja - My Slave at the Cross

Dressed in sexy latex stockings with black mini skirt and white latex jacket, the asian Mistress Nelja is teasing her fixated slave at the cross.

Lady Luciana - My Rubber Slave Domination/FemDom Rubber Nipple TeasingLady Luciana - My Rubber Slave

Lady Luciana plays with and admirs her lucky rubber slave.  Feel that smooth rubber on your skin.

Lucianas Spiked Heels Nipple Teasing High Heels Domination/FemDomLucianas Spiked Heels

Lady Luciana likes to use her brand new high heels with extremely sharp spikes on it. Sadistic as she is, she enjoys to see her slaves reaction when she...

The Bisexual Slave and the Sperm Licker Domination/FemDom Dildo Sucking Foot Worship Forced bi Nipple TeasingThe Bisexual Slave and the Sperm Licker

Mistress Kiana is having a lazy afternoon.  First she has you suck her girlcock, suck her nipple and finally suck her suculent toes.  As a...



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