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The Smoking Leather Ladies

Maya Liyer, the Asian Goddess & Governess Painless, the powerful Ebony Mistress, 2 amazing  Ladies from London are using their Slave in the Blue Door Dungeon. He is tied up to a cross, his head covered with a russian gasmask and the Ladies enjoy their cigaretts. In this gasmask its hard to get fresh air, but when the Ladies blow their smoke into the tube of that mask, he notices that he has no control anymore. Teasing his nipples by coming close with the cigaretts and his cock in chastity

Sounds like a lot of fun for this 2 Mistresses, styled up in hot leather outfits with black leather gloves

Video Length: 6 Min, 31 Sec 12 Photos



Goddess Maya Liyer
Goddess Maya Liyer
Governess Painless
Governess Painless


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